Occupiers Representation Process


Our proprietary process for occupiers helps us predictably get the BEST RESULTS for our CLIENTS, because at each step along the way, we have an UNIQUE ADVANTAGE.  

Needs Assessment

We evaluate :

  • Business Needs
  • Budget/Deal Size
  • Buildgin Specs 
  • Geography 
  • Timing 

Right Fit

Look for and find right fit product on the Market:

  • Review property database
  • Landlords and Occupiers database
  • Compile a list of best options
  • Approach property owners

Proper Analysis

Deep Analysis of best options:

  •  Building Analysis
  • Site Analysis
  • Geography
  • Market Value
  • Total Occupancy Cost
  • Landlord/Vendor profile

Prepare Strategy

  • Prepare Strategy and Documents
  • Prepare offer
  • Negotiate conditional transaction

Due Diligence

  • Conduct Due Diligence
  • Assessment of Property, Land, Structural, and Environmental
  • Assist with financing packages

Close Firm

Benefits to Occupiers

  • Understanding of your true occupancy needs as business changes
  • Access to our superior process and consistent service and approach
  • Access to our knowledge of current market trends
  • Ability to find the right product for your operational needs
  • Understanding the true costs and benefits of potential opportunities
  • Negotiating the right deal with better terms, flexible options, and optimal timing

Lease Audit

Many of our clients regularly conduct Lease Audits to ensure their occupancy cost is in accordance with the Lease Agreement.

A Lease Audit simply determines if a tenant is paying more money than they should. On a 10 or 15 year lease, even a small mistake can amount to a sizeable dollar value.

In addition to inclusion of improper expenses, tenants are sometimes charged rent on more space than they actually occupy. Bottom line is: there is potential for considerable savings.

Please give us a call to discuss further and see how we can be of assistance.


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